The time has come! Winter Season is here and we are delighted to announce that, “Milano Da Bere’’, the original After Work party which Haze Team introduced for the first time in Cyprus last December, IS BACK for another one season at C House Lounge Café!

Everything you loved about this unique concept will be offered to you during the second series of “Milano da Bere” events! The Atmosphere, the people, the food, the music, the live performances, all in one Afternoon Event.
Moreover, this season we are adding some fresh elements to surprise and amuse you even more aiming to become once again the talk of the town among the professionals from all the industries!
Finish your work and join us on Thursday 14th of November at C House Café Lounge for the Opening Act of “Milano da Bere”!!! The doors open at 18:30 while the Open Buffet will be available until 20:30!


Secret Bites is back! Better and tastier than ever!

We are happy to announce that Secret Bites will be back once again for a series of events that will initiate you in the secrets of the culinary art.
Starting from the Wednesday 6th November 2013 join us at the Pralina Cafe-Restaurant at 20:30 and check out the wonderful recipes that chef Christos Hadjilyras prepares for you.
New for this season is the separation between, Classic Edition with a varying recipe; and Steak Edition that will feature a steak recipe.
In addition, we have a designed a new desert buffet to complete the three course dinner and you can finish your dinner with a complementary espresso.